Scope of ENCOR (CCNP R&S) and SCOR (CCNP Security) certifications in India – 2020

Ever since Cisco has announced its certification updates, we have been digging more and more about it.

The major mystery is ENCOR and SCOR certification exams which are newly introduced in place of CCIE written exam in the R&S and Security track.

These two exams also play a vital role in becoming CCNP certified in Enterprise and Security track as they both are the Core Exam followed by a Concentration exam.

What is ENCOR Certification:

Network Bulls Cisco Training Labs in Gurugram

ENCOR covers the study of Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies with an exam code 350-401.

ENCOR training at Network Bulls –

Topics to be covered,

  • Dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture
  • Virtualization
  • Infrastructure
  • Network assurance
  • Security
  • Automation

When you must attempt ENCOR certification exam,

For CCNP Certification in Enterprise track – ENCOR act as the core exam in the professional-level certification. As long as you are a valid ENCOR certified you can take the concentration exam to be a CCNP certified.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure – In place of CCIE written exam in the R&S track, we have ENCOR the qualifying exam to pass to be eligible to attempt CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0 examination.

CCIE Enterprise Wireless – Pass ENCOR exam first and become eligible to attempt CCIE Enterprise Wireless V1.0 examination.

Cisco Certified Specialist – Once you clear the ENCOR exam, you get Cisco Certified Specialist certification in Enterprise Core track.

What is SCOR Certification:

Cisco Training Labs- Network Bulls

SCOR covers the study of Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies with an exam code 350-701.

SCOR training at Network Bulls –

Topics to be covered,

  • Network security
  • Cloud security
  • Content security
  • Endpoint protection and detection
  • Secure network access
  • Visibility and enforcement

When you must attempt SCOR certification exam,

For CCNP Certification in Security track – SCOR act as the core exam in the professional-level certification. As long as you are a valid SCOR certified you can take the concentration exam to be a CCNP certified in the Security track.

CCIE Security V6 – In place of CCIE written exam in the Security track, we have SCOR the qualifying exam to pass to be eligible to attempt CCIE Security V6 examination.

Cisco Certified Specialist – Once you clear the SCOR exam, you get Cisco Certified Specialist certification in Security Core track.

Scope of ENCOR and SCOR certifications in India

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ENCOR and SCOR exams hold such a huge importance in opting for Cisco certifications so its training is mandatory in the year 2020 and beyond. Today the supply of certified engineers does not match with the demand and the available workforce isn’t certified.

ENCOR and SCOR certifications came as a scope to those who want valuable jobs by passing only one certification exam. Due to these certifications, professionals will discover opportunities for the growing economy in the coming future in India and other developing/developed countries.

In the future, automation will be the future of networking, ENCOR and SCOR certifications will make you eligible to step into this domain.

This certification exam tests your skills to implement and operate core enterprises and security technologies. After passing these certification exams candidates would be offered with job roles like,

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Planner
  • Network Security Engineers
  • Network Security Administrator

The core/qualifying exams, ENCOR and SCOR cost 400 USD and are valid for 3 years from the day of passing it.

So, passing ENCOR or SCOR certification in the year 2020 is your goal then Join Network Bulls today. To know more reach Network Bulls on their toll free number – 1800-313-2545.

How to Become a Cisco Certified Network Professional

Having a career in the networking domain is a dream of many and it is the right time for you to go for it. You can become a Cisco Certified Network Associate, Certified Network Professional, and a Certified Network Expert by passing different levels of Cisco certifications.

Today, we will talk about how you can become a Cisco Certified Network Professional. What skills you require to be certified, certification prerequisites, exam cost, exam syllabus, the best CCNP training institute, Salary after CCNP training, certification validity and more…

What is a CCNP?

what is ccnp

CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional and it is the professional-level certification offered by Cisco Systems. CCNP certification is offered in 7 different tracks in which R&S, Security, Data Center, Service Provider, and collaboration have high demand among youngsters.

Why become Cisco Certified Network Professional?

Network Bulls CCIE Labs in Haryana

Most businesses and IT companies are expanding to offer their services online, easily work share to internal networks to keep things running smoothly.

Cisco is world-famous as the largest networking equipment manufacturer, offering valuable and respected certifications CCNA, CCNP, CCIE in various tracks. Anyone with any educational background can take networking training and attempt these Cisco certification exams. Passing this will result in a good job and a huge salary package that no other IT certifications could provide a fresher in the networking domain.

To have a quick overview of CCNP Routing & Switching Exam, keep reading

Cisco Professional-level R&S apprentice must pass three exam modules to be certified and they are,

  • Route
  • Switch
  • Tshoot

Network Bulls CCIE Labs in Haryana

Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching Exam

Exam Number:                                  300-101 ROUTE, 300-115 SWITCH, 300-135 TSHOOT

Associated Certifications:             CCNP Routing & Switching

Exam Duration:                                 120 minutes

Available languages:                       English, Japanese

Exam cost:                                           300 per Module (300*3 = 900)

Prerequisites                                     Valid CCNA R&S Certificate

Validity                                                 3 years

Salary with and without Cisco CCNP Certification

Being a Professional-level certified you receive higher pay than CCNAs and are provided with more exciting job roles. The expected salary package for a certified CCNPs is 3.5-4 LPA whereas, Non-Certified gets 2-2.5 lakhs per annum.

Job roles and responsibility of Cisco Certified Network Professional Credentials?

CCNP certified professionals like Network Administrators, Senior Network Engineers, Senior Network Security Engineers are responsible to develop, implement, maintain and troubleshoot local and wide area networks. Leading group of Network Engineers with CCNA level knowledge and working with specialists on a regular basis.

Now you know all about the CCNP certification exam and we must move ahead with finding the best CCIE training institute in India.

CCIE Labs - Network Bulls - 3

Network Bulls is a pioneer in the networking training industry and it believes in imparting high-end technological training. Students at Network Bulls, gain practical exposure via practicing on Real Cisco devices and live equipment. Trainers here are CCIE i.e expert-level certified promoting innovative ideas leading to elevated professional growth and quality training.

Network Bulls aims to train candidates on the latest technologies. You can check Network Bulls’ CCNP Routing and Switching/Enterprise training program and syllabus here –

Network Bulls has now launched the latest Cisco CCNP Enterprise training within its premises, so reach NB today to know more – 1800-313-2545.

Top 5 Benefits of CCIE Security Certification

Cisco CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert and the ones passing this certification exam are denoted as CCIE certified experts.

The CCIE Security certification (400-251) cost in India is 2050 USD in total with two exams in it to pass.

First, CCIE Security V5 Written exam and secondly CCIE Security V5 lab exams. Both the exams have their own type, the written exam is based on theoretical knowledge and the lab exams check your practical knowledge of how you install, manage, and troubleshoot Cisco live devices.

400-251 CCIE Security certification exams are in huge demand today as it gives its holders a good job, highest salary package in networking domain and unique identity. There are also many other benefits of CCIE Security Certification exams and to know about them, keep reading.

Top 5 Benefits of CCIE Security Certification - Network Bulls

Top 5 Benefits of CCIE Security Certification 

Today we will discuss the top 5 benefits of taking Cisco CCIE Security Certification exams in this blog.

1. Highest paying IT certification:

Yes, it’s true. Cisco CCIE Security is a well-paying career option in comparison to other IT certifications. The scope of CCIE is huge in India and in foreign countries as there are no many CCIE’s all over the world but we do have their requirements.

In a recent study, we found that there are only 6000 CCIE security experts all over the world where we want over 200,000 of them.

2. CCIE Security job roles:

CCIE Security certified experts can get job roles like,

3. Bright Networking Career:

Once you earn your CCIE Security certification, you will join a unique group of certified skilled professionals and get ample of new job opportunities.

However, Cisco certified professionals are always in high demand because the IT industry requires more and more Security CCIEs to run new networking technologies. Therefore, IT Giants like Cisco, CSS Corp, TCS, Orange, HCL, HP, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Aricent, etc. welcome CCIE Security trained and certified professionals with open an arms at desired salary packages.

4. CCIE Security Salary:

CCIE security training or its certification can give you a good start in IT companies at a good package. Do you know the actual CCIE Security salary as a fresher? It’s over 2.5 – 4 LPA without certification and over 6 LPA with CCIE Security certification.

Within 3-5 years of working experience as a Network Security Engineer, you can reach up to 15-20 LPA package. No other programmers or filed engineers can reach this salary package in such a short time.

5. Scope of CCIE Security in India and Abroad:

Scope of CCIE Security in India is vast and expanding as a result of ever-growing cutting edge technologies. Countries like USA, China, India, etc. are IT/Networking hubs of the world and are demanding more and more Cisco Security certified professionals to secure and grow their organizations.

So we can say that the requirement of CCIE Security certified engineers in the networking industry will not be fulfilled in the years to come and you will have a secure career. Also, if you want to get settled abroad, CCIE Security certification can be your chance to work in foreign countries!!

CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Labs in Gurugram - Network Bulls - 36

To become CCIE Security Certified professional you need CCIE Security training from the world’s best Cisco training institute and it is Network Bulls.

Check CCIE security V5 syllabus at Network Bulls here –

To get Cisco CCIE Security training in Gurugram India visit Network Bulls today –

What to Look for in Your Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Training Instructor

There are few things which contributes a lot in your Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE certification training.

First: a well-equipped Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE labs,

Secondly: institutes’ learning atmosphere, then study materials and

Third: the most important thing i.e a training instructor.

Its very important that your CCIE trainer must have sufficient Cisco certification knowledge to make you clear expert-level exam in a single attempt.

Cisco CCIE certification exams are taken as the toughest examination to pass as compared to other IT certifications tests.

It takes never ending hard work, endless efforts, dedication and an experienced trainer to pass Cisco certification exams. Your trainer will give you expert-level knowledge, skills in the field of IT networking and you must score 80% in this CCIE lab exam to be certified.

If you wish to become Cisco CCIE certified by putting all your hard work and dedication then the first thing you must do is find a good training instructor for yourself.

What to Look For in Your Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Training Instructor

Every Cisco certification aspiring candidate has this question in their mind, what to look for in your training instructor and Where to Find them? Here are a few points for your help,

1. Check your CCIE Trainer’s Credentials:

A huge part of your success depends on your trainer and his/hers credential. He/She must be Cisco CCIE certified in the similar track in which you wish to become certified. By this he/she will have the master skills to attempt each question and solve your queries on the spot.

2. Your trainer must be good at teaching: 

You get to check this while you pursue CCNA training. If your trainers makes you enthusiastic towards learning then he/she is the one to teach you CCIE.

3. A keen Network Learner:

Cisco keeps bringing updates to its certifications as per changing landscapes to networking technologies. Your trainer must be updated with all these new technologies to make you understand them better. He must also be able to improve your scores and guide you in each of your CCIE mock tests.

It’s a tough task to find all these qualities in one person but possible if you get guided by a pool of experts. And this pool of experts is available at Network Bulls.

You might have seen many network aspirants passing this expert-level exam in a single attempt at Network Bulls.

It’s possible because of Network Bulls’ world’s largest pool of CCIE certified trainers. All of them are CCIE certified and some do even have dual and triple CCIE certification.


Network Bulls 100% job guarantee course training program gives you CCNA, CCNP, CCIE training by the pool of CCIE certified training who are highly approachable by students.

The job guarantee course has a guaranteed placement for students after Cisco certification courses training in the top IT companies. Till now Network Bills has placed 16500+ students and it’s 10x more than other training institutes’ placement rate.

CCIE R&S and Security Placement student

Getting CCNA, CCNP, CCIE certification training from the best instructors, Network Bulls’ students has passed Cisco exam in 1st attempt. Network Bulls CCIE success rate is 95%, producing maximum CCIE’s in 57xxx, 58xxx, 59xxx, and 60xxx series.

If I talk about Network Bulls alumnis then, those who have 5+ years of experience are now working over 15 LPA as a Network Administrator in India. Some are even working abroad at amazing package.

For all these achievements Network Bulls has been globally acclaimed with awards for 15+ times, in which 6+ was for the best placement record.


All these accomplishments have made Network Bulls a Networking Leader in a market.

100% Job Guarantee Courses @ Network Bulls | CCIE R&S and CCIE Security Course Training

Network Bulls is known for its 100% job guarantee course training programs and highest CCIE success rate in the networking industry.

Not only different parts of India but from more than 40+ countries students travel thousands of miles to just get world-class training from Network Bulls in Gurugram, Haryana.

Faith of students on Network Bulls, clearly shows whatever we promise to our students on their day of enrollment, they receive more than that during their training.

To provide successful professional career opportunity, Network Bulls offers 100% written job guarantee with its CCIE integrated course training program.

NB offers 100% written job guarantee with these courses,

100% Job Guarantee Courses at Network Bulls-

100% job guarantee courses comes with 3 optional tracks at Network Bulls,

  1. Regular Track
  2. Weekend Batch and
  3. Intensive Track.

When students get enrolled in 100% job guarantee course training program in Intensive track than they have 3 sessions in 8 hours daily.

In 3 sessions of CCIE integrated course training intensive track, students get theoretical sessions for 2-3 hours, Practical session for 3 hours and personality development session for 2 hours.

Positive training environment, friendly trainers behaviors and world-class infrastructure provide students an amazing experience and they feel like home at Network Bulls’ premises.

Theoretical Sessions- Students learn networking concepts comprehensively under 5 to 15 years experienced CCIE certified trainers at Network Bulls. Trainers, friendly behavior and their years of networking experience helps students to understand networking in an easy way.

Practical Sessions- Students get 100% practical training of each concept on real Cisco devices. Network Bulls has Asia’s biggest Cisco training labs which open all round the clock so students can practice anytime they want. Separate CCNA, CCNP, CCIE labs save lots of students’ valuable time.

Personality Development Session/ Grooming Classes – We work on each aspect of students personality,

  • Spoken English classes
  • Personality Development classes
  • Group Discussions
  • Presentation skills and confidence-building classes
  • Mock interview sessions
  • CV Writing classes, etc

After completing CCIE training, NB placement team arrange students’ interviews with big IT companies and provides end to end support until they don’t get a placement in their dream company.

This is how Network Bulls transform a fresher to a working professional.

Some of the most amazing facts to know about Network Bulls’ institute,

  • More than 16500+ Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE students have been placed. Every day, this counting is increasing rapidly.
  • Around 90% of NB’ CCIE students get placed in their dream companies without passing any high costly Cisco certification exams.
  • More than 90% of Network Bulls’ students, who enrolled in CCIE integrated course training program get placed soon after completing their training.

These 15 reasons will help you out to take the right decision towards choosing Network Bulls.

5 important points to know about Newly updated CCIE Tracks and Versions | CCIE Security V6.0 and more

Breaking news by Cisco hits the floor on the 10th June 2019. Cisco has brought new changes to its course tracks and versions which will be applicable after 24th February 2020.

This news might bring lots and lots of questions to your mind like, what about previous courses, are they still the same or changed? What about CCIE aspirants attempting exam before 24th February 2020? And more….

I know these questions are in your mind, so this article is especially for you if you want to know about the Cisco CCIE certification changes in detail.

Let’s talk about newly changed CCIE certifications now!

This is the first time, Cisco has replaced all its tracks with new versions and new exams. All this to keep up with the latest emerging technologies in the IT field so, version updation and retirement of isolated tracks were must required.

Find the changes below –

  • CCIE Routing Switching ===> CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure 1.0
  • CCIE Security V5.0 ===> CCIE Security V6.0
  • CCIE DC (Data Center) V2.1 ===> CCIE Data Center V3.0
  • CCIE SP (Service Provider) 4.0 ===> CCIE Service Provider 5.0
  • CCIE Collaboration 2.0 ===> CCIE Collaboration 3.0
  • CCIE Wireless ===> CCIE Enterprise Wireless

Network Bulls being the Cisco gold partner institute keep its students updated with the sudden change in the Cisco certification and provide them with the latest devices at quickest which no other non-cisco gold partner institute could ever provide.

Here are the benefits which Network Bulls’ old and new students will get after the Cisco certifications change.

  1. Network Bulls enrolled students either in CCIE R&S or CCIE Security will get shifted to new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure 1.0 and CCIE Security V6.0 course training program.
  2. Network Bulls old students are most welcomed to join our upcoming CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification and CCIE Security V6.0 Bootcamps and Trainings without paying any extra charges.

Some important guidelines which you must know,

  1. Candidates passing CCIE certification exam before 24th Feb 2020, get their certification transformed on 24th Feb 2020 into respective latest exam version.
  2. They are also provided with Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core certification (ECOR or SCOR or CLCOR or DCCOR or SPCOR).
  3. The CCIE certification achieved after 24th Feb 2020 would be valid for 3 years.
  4. Along with CCIE certifications, Cisco has brought few changes in CCNA and CCNP certifications too.
  5. New CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure 1.0 has a 10% addition to its topics from CCIE Routing Switching and i.e Automation and Programmability.

Check – CCIE Security V6 Integrated course-

With these changes in Cisco certifications, Cisco has just doubled the scope of CCIE certification especially in form of job opportunities in countries like USA, UK, Australia and UAE.

So these were the few changes brought by Cisco in CCIE certifications which will be applicable from 24th Feb 2020. If you are Network Bulls students then you are free to come and take free CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification and CCIE Security V6.0 Bootcamps and Trainings.

For details about training you can reach Network Bulls on their toll-free number – 1800-313-2545.

Reviews and Complaints about Network Bulls Labs, Trainers, Placement, etc.

If you search about Network Bulls’ reviews on Google or any other social platforms then you will find thousands of genuine reviews speaking out quality training at NB.

Social Networking sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc are full with positive Network Bulls reviews.

Network Bulls realistic and innovative training has reached to almost every city in India as their students come to NB, complete their training and job placement. After completing their Cisco certification courses training in either R&S or Security track, they share their reviews and video testimonials online.

Not only Indian students but students from more than 40+ countries join Network Bulls and achieve their career goals.

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Today we are here to share some of our placed students reviews with you.

Have a glimpse to Network Bulls students reviews and complaints about NB’ labs, trainers, placement, and etc..

Otim Benjamin Munguriek || Cisco CCNA CCNP R&S combo course training

Listen to the words of Mr. Otim, who came to Network Bulls, Gurugram from Uganda for Cisco CCNA and CCNP R&S Certification Course Training. He shares his Reviews on Network Bulls trainers and some of the world class facilities provided to him and his fellow friends during his Cisco training.

Listen to his testimonial and find whether he had any complaints about Network Bulls trainers and labs or not.

Check Otim’s course-

Check out Otim testimonial here –

Satyajeet || CCIE R&S V5 Integrated course training || Airtel

Meet Satyajeet from Odisha and discover how his CCIE R&S training was at Network Bulls. He is now working at Airtel as a Network Engineer and he gives his job placement credit to the dedicated placement cell of Network Bulls. 100’s of students join the 100% job guarantee course at NB and find a job for themselves with the help of our placement cell.

Check Satyajeet’s course-

Find more about Network Bulls placement cell, by listening to Satyajeet here –

Shubham || CCIE Security V5 Integrated Course Training || IOPEX

Shubham from Delhi joined Network Bulls among other training institutes in Delhi/ NCR or all over India because he fell in love with NB’s well-equipped labs.

He shares this in his testimonial that after visiting Network Bulls’ labs he had a feeling that no other place can make him a Network Engineer except NB. when he faced any issue in NB labs after joining he used to write complaints and drop those complaints in the complaints box. The Network Bulls team take complaints by students very seriously and try to find a sustainable solution within 1-3 days. Our labs are a medium to find success for Shubham and we are glad that he succeeds.

Check Shubham’s course-

Check out Shubham testimonial here –

It’s true that Network Bulls has placed complaints box for students and NB takes each complaint very seriously and tries to solve complaints within 1 to 3 working days.

We hope all these reviews by our students left you with no doubts and puts an end to all the fake and fraud complaints. If you still have some doubts or complaints about Network Bulls then kindly connect us on our toll-free number – 1800-313-2545.