Truth behind Network Bulls Fake, Fraud & Complaints Revealed

The scope of networking is increasing day by day and more and more students are opting for Cisco CCIE Certification Course. If you are also interested in the field of networking, then CCIE certification course will prove to be a boon for you. Numerous institutes provide CCIE training but you must enroll with India’s No. 1 Training institute for best outcomes. You can search the web to find India’s No. 1 networking training institute.

While searching the web you will come across thousands of positive reviews and video testimonials about Network Bulls. Network Bulls has gained this position after delivering quality training and best results continuously for years. it is quite hard for other training institutes to meet the facilities, quality of education, infrastructure, and placement records of Network Bulls.

Don’t believe on blog by any Anonymous personality
While searching for Network Bulls – India’s No. 1 networking training institute you might come across few fraud blogs and fake complaints.  These blogs are generally enriched with the words such as Network Bulls fraud, Network Bulls fake etc. and written in the professional language. A student cannot write in such a professional language with the use of SEO techniques. These fake and negative blogs against Network Bulls are written by professional bloggers who have years of experience. It is advisable not to believe these fake blogs and complaints. On the contrary, how can you believe any anonymous blog without any proof and verification of its genuinity.

An attempt by competitors for defaming the best CCIE institute
Network Bulls and team strive hard to transforms students into professionals as well as to get them placed with the top IT companies.  Competitors find it hard to compete with the quality of education and the facilities provided by Network Bulls.  Thus, they make use of cheap tricks and methods to defame the reputation of best CCIE training institute.

Check the video testimonial of happily placed students
With the presence of such fake blogs and reviews, students find it hard to select the right training institute for a bright career ahead. Thus, video testimonials of thousands of happily placed students are posted on the YouTube channel of Network Bulls. Visit to hear from our thousands of happily placed students.  Thousands of students cannot speak a lie.

Get in touch with students
In addition, you can also get in touch with the students of Network Bulls via facebook or any other social media site. You can personally enquire with the students about the training and the learning environment at NB. This is one of the best ways to verify about any CCIE training institute and students can explain better about the quality of education, trainers, facilities etc.

Awards earned by Network Bulls are result of quality training
It is quite a hard task to earn an award, in the high competitive environment without any extraordinary quality of work. Network Bulls have won 12 awards for its quality training and high placement record in the industry. Visit and have a look at the award history of Network Bulls. These excellence awards are the proof of dedicated efforts and hard work of Network Bulls and Team. You search the web and know the glorious past of the training institute.

if you want to enroll with the best training institute, then step forward and made enquiries by your ownself. Plan the visit to the elite institution, observe the learning environment, get in touch with students and the ex-students of the institute and know the truth.

35 thoughts on “Truth behind Network Bulls Fake, Fraud & Complaints Revealed

  1. Ajay Sharma

    I have seen many video testimonials on youtube and my friend’s brother also doing CCIE certification from this institute. If you are saying that Network Bulls is a fake and fraud institute, then you are completely wrong.

  2. Priti Saksena

    I hear lots of positive reviews about Network Bulls and personally, I have visited the institute for knowing the full details for Cisco CCIE course with my father. Actually, I am planning to join the best networking institute in Gurgaon, thus I have visited many institutes in past few weeks and Network Bulls is one of them.

    This institute is really a big institute in comparison to other networking institutes. Network Bulls has huge labs and management faculty is too cooperative. I don’t think it is a fake and fraud institute, I think someone is trying to spoil its reputation. I have seen thousands of students testimonials which can’t be fake and fraud.

  3. Nitin

    Hello, I am Nitin Sharma and I am a student at Network Bulls in CCIE Security Integrated course training. Recently I have completed my 4 months and my course is going at a very good pace. My all trainers are experienced and helpful. According to my personal experience, Network Bulls is one of the best networking institutes in Gurgaon. Thus, enroll with NB and become an expert instead of wasting your time and money in fake or fraud institutes.

  4. Rahul

    No complaints, all good…… I am doing CCIE R&S course from Network Bulls and without any doubt, my training is going in the right direction. I am very to join Network Bulls and strongly recommend this institute.

  5. Manoj

    I didn’t find any single complaint against Network Bulls and currently, I am looking best CCIE training institute for my bright career. Very soon I will visit this institute.

  6. Amar

    Hi, I am Amar, I completed my CCIE course from this reputed Cisco training Institute. My all trainers were CCIE certified and very supportive. I really enjoyed my training and never face complaints in this institute. Currently, I am working in big MNC on big salary package.

  7. Swati Bhatnagar

    I do agree Network Bulls is best institute in Gurgaon, My friend Priya has cleared her CCIE security course from this institute and current she is working with a brand. Last week I have visited this institute and found big Cisco lab which opens 24*7 and all staff members were helpful. Also, at Network Bulls I found complaints box for students which is best practice to resolve the students complaints. According to my point of view, this is not a fake and fraud institute.

  8. Asutosh Mishra

    Hi, Myself Asutosh, I want to do Cisco CCIE course from best networking institute in Delhi. My friend has recommended a name of institute Network Bulls so that I want to know more about it. I am not here to file complaints agents Network Bulls. I just want to know about their placement process and cisco labs.

  9. Jitendra

    Students can be the best evidence for any institute’s training facilities. In the case of Network Bulls or any other training institutions, students can tell you whether those institutes are frauds or not. So if your are a student and want to know about training, placements, classrooms, labs, faculties of institute then go there directly and meet students. Do not believe on fraud complaints.

  10. Sanjay Bhatnagar

    Sir I am from Mumbai and interesting to start my networking journey with Network Bulls. I know CCNA course would be my 1st networking course, so how can I get full information about this course and what documents should I carry to get admission. Please suggest me.

  11. Sreeshmith

    Reviews, feedback and complaints help students to choose right training institute. I have completed my CCIE security training from this institute last year and now I am working in reputed company with high salary package.

  12. Shri Harsha

    Network Bulls is No1 cisco training institute in Gurgaon. Rarely you can find one or two complaints, but numerous of positive reviews, feedbacks, video testimonials are speaking about quality of training at Network Bulls.

  13. Network Bulls is Best Institute for CCIE Training in India. I was a student with NB and i have no such grudges or complaints. And i don’t need to write any fake review about Network Bulls. Network Bulls is amazing place to learn, its not a fraud institute.

    The best of the bests.

  14. Amit Mandal

    Real student complaints help institute to improve their quality but if other institutes are filling fake and fraud complaints against top institutes that means they are trying to defame famous institutes.

    Network Bulls is not just a institute it has become top brand who is providing best networking training to their students. One and two complaints do not matter for students.

  15. Roshan

    I feel lucky to complete my CCIE security course from Network Bull’s Institute. NB labs, trainers, and staff are too awesome. Currently, I am working in the networking field and earning good amount of money just because of my trainers and NB labs. Thanks, Networkbulls for making my career.

  16. Ram Prasad

    NetworkBulls is an India’s biggest institute for doing Cisco certification. NB has biggest Cisco labs which open 24*7 for all students. NB trainers are highly experienced and use very simple way for teaching students. I have cleared my CCIE security course from this institute and crack this toughest exam in the 1st attempt just because of Network Bulls. I highly recommend this institute you all for doing Cisco certification. If you think Networkbulls is a fake and fraud Institute then you are completely wrong. You must visit this Institute once before enrolling in any other institute.

  17. KabirTtripathi

    I completed my CCIE security course from Network Bulls. I came across many training institutes but there is no other Cisco training institute where they really care for students so much.

    Separate Cisco labs
    Labs open 24*7
    Experienced trainers and lab instructors
    Healthy study environment
    Regular Classes
    Mock Interviews
    Practical Workbooks

    everything is here.

    However, there are many fake and fraud Cisco training institutes in Haryana and Delhi / NCR, who only focus on making money and hence hardly care for students career.

  18. Gagan

    There are many fake and fraud Cisco training institutes in India. Before joining any institute, you must visit the institute, meet former students, check students reviews, complaints on Google and other reviews and complaints portals. Watch video testimonials and then take the decision.

  19. Aditya

    I had a great experience in Network Bulls. In my journey with Network Bulls, I have heard rumors and complaints about the Network Bulls from the students like the trainers are strict, the internet is slow and blah blah. From my point of view sometimes being strict is beneficial for the students who don’t take their future seriously. If I talk about the speed of the internet, it’s totally fine.

    I really like the complaint solving system of NB team. There are two complaint boxes in the Network Bulls Premises that always welcome the students to share their problems. The students’ complaints are at first priority for the NB team. Their complaints get resolved within 3 days.

    I am happy with my training and cordially recommend you network Bulls for your Cisco courses.

  20. Starina Aggarwal

    As I have gone truth the article on “Truth behind Network Bulls Fake, Fraud & Complaints Revealed”……….. I have got interested to know more about Network Bulls…… I explored the video testimonials, Network Bulls review, and Network bulls complaints. I found that the Negative feedback is only from the anonymous profile n thousands of +ve n effective feedback is from the actual students of Network Bulls I didn’t find any Network Bulls students complaints which are genuine….
    I would really like to visit Network Bulls to pursue CCIE training…………. Please provide me the necessary details to move forward.

  21. Kuldeep Singh

    There is no doubt that Network Bulls is a best Cisco training center which provides No-1 Cisco certification training.

    Before joining NB I have visited many Cisco training institutes but all are very small and doing fake and fraud promises. But whatever NB has promised to me give more than that.

    I have seen very few Network Bulls complaints on the internet but I am dame sure those complaints have been submitted by NB competitors just because of defaming the name of this leading institute.

    If you really want to become expert in the networking field then don’t trust on few fake and fraud complaints. I will suggest you, visit NB once and other Cisco training institutes and compare all of them to each other. I can bet you will find NB on the 1st position in your list.

  22. Rajan

    I do believe that the negative comments posted for Network Bulls are fake and fraud, as no mailer or reviewer I’d and post are genuine. I found around hundreds of positive reviews posted for Network Bulls and they all seem to be posted by genuine people. The fake and fraud complaints are very few in number.

    The complaint doesn’t match any of the network bulls facility as I am a former student of Network Bulls. Some fake people post these fake reviews to bring down the institute name to the ground which is baseless and they are not related to reality.

    There is no doubt that Network Bulls is the leading Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE course training providing institute and if you are in dilemma to chose them after reading this fake and fraud revies then go and visit Network Bulls once. I bet you will not find any institute like this and sure you will not believe these fake complaints posted.

  23. Pradeep

    I don’t really believe such fake and fraud reviews about Network Bulls. My friend is the former student at Network Bulls and he never had such complaints about Network Bulls.

    Even, I am also looking forward to having a networking course training from Network Bulls. My friend told me that Network Bulls have complaints box in their premises so the students can place their query in that box and they resolve it in 2-3 working days. Isn’t that an amazing facility provided by Network Bulls.

  24. Aastha

    I feel very very thankful to Network Bulls for their 100% practical training. I am now a CCIE certified expert and all the credibility goes to Network Bulls world’s largest lab and world-class infrastructure. Their complaints boxes are the best facility provided by them to their students. Every student has the freedom to raise their query via these complaint boxes.

    And when I see such daunting fake and fraud reviews about Network Bulls, it feels too depressing. Many networking aspirants might be neglecting Network Bulls facilities in front of these fake and fraud complaints, they are being deprived of quality training.

    I hope my review will bring some enlightenment to the students who are looking for the Networking training.

  25. Dhruv

    I have complaints about Network Bulls which is they give extremely high benefits to students. They provide everything a student requires to achieve quality training but some students keep dropping fake complaints about the institute.

    They drop funny complaints in the complaints box just for fun which are placed at Network Bulls’ premises to reach up to students genuine complaints.

    I am also a Network Bulls student and I have seen a few fake complaints about the institute over the internet. I would suggest all the Network Bulls students, stop this madness and take full advantage of Network Bulls complaints box in a positive way.

  26. rishub jain

    Truth behind Network Bulls’ fake and fraud complaints is crystal clear to students and networking aspirants and I guess we all will agree with the fact that Network Bulls is the Best Cisco certification courses training institute in India providing quality Cisco training and job placements to students in big IT companies in which every network seeker dreams to be placed.

  27. Saksham Khanna

    Believe me “Network Bulls” is the best place for learning networking. The CCIE trainers and 24/7 open labs are the real strength in NB which enhances student technical skills.

    My a year experience was wonderful. The Network Bulls complaints box allows students to reach up to higher management to share their query which gets resolved quickly within 2-3 days.

    I too used to write complaints and drop them in complaints box. The timely guidance and handful of CCIE Security V5 devices helped me a lot to clear CCIE Security V5 lab exam. All thanks to Network Bulls, Gurugram.

  28. Sahil

    Network Bulls is a great place to learn networking, I have improved a lot here after joining CCIE course training.

    If you want to become networking expert in the short span of time then join it today.

    If you have any query and complaint regarding NB training then you can directly talk to them.

    It’s truth, NB has complaints boxes and they take action against complaints very quickly.

  29. Jhon

    Hi I have visited Network Bulls, Gurugram and I was really impressed by their world-class facilities and a complaint box. After reading NB’s review here, I made a decision to join them. Thank you so much everyone for your honest review. Really appreciated friends.

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