Fake Reviews, Complaints, Feedback about Network Bulls Institute Gurgaon

While browsing Facebook, many students or CCIE Aspirants, i have seen showing their curiosity for getting reviews about Network Bulls offering CCIE along with other institute offering same certification. Some went asking such things, “is “XYZ” a cheap or fraud institute”? Some start asking about placements & complaints that, “how are the placements in Network Bulls Gurgaon or NIIT institute in some other state!”. Why don’t they understand that If they will study hard, they will get jobs easily. Many students of Network Bulls told me that everyday they are getting new friends requests on Facebook, of different people asking about, “How is Network Bulls? Is Network Bulls a good or a fake institute? Are they providing placements in Network Bulls or not? What is your review about Network Bulls?” etc. They usually try to verify our quality from our students, because our students have mentioned in their profile that they are studying in Network Bulls. This is the best way to verify and get reviews about some institute, by talking to someone who is already student of that institute.

Many students ask me that, “I have seen some blogs on internet which are totally against Networkers Home or Network Bulls or some other institutes. What you think about it?”.

It is  a pathetic joke! These are some cheap blogs, which any one can easily make without content moderation. These kind of blogs are made by competitors only. These blogs are made by those fraud and fake institutes, who can’t earn using quality training and want to kill the competition by making such cheap blogs about best institutes. Only those blogs or posts or comments are real with which someone is writing his/her phone number to verify.

Only who is feeling jealous of success of other institutes will make such posts, not any frustrated student. A student can not make such blogs and that too in that professional language.

I have scene many blogs made by fraud bloggers, against different institutes and using terms like Cheap institute, fake institute, fraud institute etc. They are specially using such tags like Networkers Home Fraud or Fake institute or Network Bulls fake institute etc, to optimize that particular blog. Now, this is something a student can never do.

So this article is for the sake of awareness in students, who are getting confused due to these blogs.

The only thing students need to do to verify quality of an institute is to make a list of some institutes and then visit all one by one and talk to their students. As only current students of Network Bulls can tell you that Network Bulls is a fraud institute or the Best!

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6 thoughts on “Fake Reviews, Complaints, Feedback about Network Bulls Institute Gurgaon

  1. Akash Sharma

    Hello dude. I am Akash and as per my best knowledge, Cisco certification courses are in high demands in the networking world these days. I read many online reviews and watch video testimonials of Network bulls students which are showing this institute is not a fake and fraud. Might be students have few complaints but as per online reviews and testimonials, Network Bulls is not a fake or fraud Institute in Gurgaon, India.

  2. Yogita Singh

    Network bulls is a best institute for CCIE in Gurgaon. This institute is not a fake and fraud. If you have any doubt, you can meet Network Bulls students and know the really. My younger brother is doing CCIE from Network Bulls.

  3. Mithun

    As a student of Network Bulls, I am happy to give my review here. I have done my CCIE Voice Integrated course from this institute in Gurgaon. After completing my course I got placed at GSV Systems at good salary package. I would like to say a big thank you to my trainer and team NB for their support and facilities.

  4. Ram Avtar

    Howdy, I am a former student of Network Bulls in Gurgaon, Haryana. This institute really provides World-class networking training and offers 100% job placement guarantee. Every year thousands of students pass world’s toughest certification just because of proper guidance, experienced trainers and huge cisco labs which open all around the clocks. It means, if you want to do practice in the night then easily you can do.

    As per my best knowledge, It is very common now-a-days to submit fake complaints & reviews against best institutes. Network Bulls doesn’t do any fake commitment to their students. If you have any doubt or complaints just visit Network Bulls institute and know the reality. But don’t believe blindly on fake complaints.

  5. Praful

    If your institute is a famous and provides quality training then you don’t need to worry about few complaints or fake reviews.

  6. SK Savita

    NB is a best institute. I have done CCIE Voice Integrated course from here. And trainers of NB really very good. They always resolve my problem if i have any complain. Thanks NB trainers.

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