Network Bulls Student’s Reviews about Networking or Industrial Summer Training

Summer training is very crucial for students as it introduces them to the practical aspects of the technology. Students learn the technology theoretically in the graduation but they need to know the technology practically for working in the IT industry. Thus, summer training is made compulsory for preparing the graduates as per the requirement of the industry. Network Bulls provides IT summer training to students interested in the field of networking.

IT Summer training courses at Network Bulls

At Network Bulls, we provide different IT Summer training courses for meeting the requirement of students. Below listed are the networking summer training courses provided by Network Bulls –

  • 5 months/6weeks summer training program
  • 2 months summer training program
  • 6 months industrial training program

Every year numerous graduate students from different part of India travel to Network Bulls just for completing their networking summer training and final year project.

Let’s hear the review of students who completed their summer training at Network Bulls. First in our list is –


Meera came all the way from Gujarat for pursuing her summer training, completing her final year project as well as for building her career in the field of networking. She is currently pursuing her B-tech from Government Engineering College, Rajkot.

Meera desperately wanted to build her career in the field of networking and seeing her inclination towards networking field her trainer recommended her to join Network Bulls. Meera not only completed her summer training and final year project at Network Bulls but she also built her career in the field of networking as she enrolled in the CCIE Security integrated course. Let’s hear from Meera, How Network Bull’s summer training helped her –

Meera shares her reviews and Feedback about networking training at Network Bulls


Next in our list is Suraj, who also came from Gujarat for completing his networking summer training from Network Bulls. Suraj was pursuing his B-tech from electronics and communications and for completing his final year training and project he was searching for the best summer training institute. His search came to an end with Network Bulls.

Suraj visited Network Bulls and was too impressed to see our huge labs. Suraj enrolled at Network Bulls and completed his final year project successfully. Let’s hear Suraj’sreview and feedback about Network Bull’s summer training program–

Suraj shares his feedback and reviews about industrial summer training at Network Bulls.

Highlights of summer training program at Network Bulls

We aim at imparting the best training to students for making them an expert in the field of networking. Thus, we provide numerous educational facilities to students enrolling in summer training courses for helping them to have a shining career ahead. Few of the facilities provided to students are listed below –

  • Access to live racks and real devices in the world’s biggest Cisco training labs.
  • 24*7 lab facility
  • 100+ Major and Minor Live Projects on network security and network implementation.
  • Access to E-books, in-house practical workbooks, and Software.
  • Lifetime access to our world’s largest Cisco training labs and a lot more.

These facilities help our students to focus on learning and gain hands – on expertise in networking.

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