Top 5 Reasons to Join Summer Training Course at Network Bulls, Gurugram

Summer training is essential in the career ofIT professionals as IT industry requirespractically skilled candidates. Numerous networking training institutes provide summer training courses but you must select the training institute which provides training on real networking devices and introduces you to the real networking environment. It will help you in your career ahead.

Network Bulls – India’s No.1 CCNA, CCNP and CCIE training institutealso provides summer training courses for candidates looking forward to building their career in the networking field. We introduce the candidates to real networking environment and allow them to access real devices for R&D. In addition, numerous educational facilities are also provided to candidates enrolling for networking summer trainingprogram.

Below, we are listing top 5 reasons to join Network Bulls, Gurugram for IT summer training, have a look –

  1. Different summer training courses to suit your requirement

At Network Bulls, we provide different summer training courses in order to suit the varyingrequirement of students. We have 6-weeks summer training plan, 2-month summer training course and a 6-months industrial training program.

Our different summer training programsfocus on different networking concepts. Below is the brief of Network Bull’s summer training coursesin Delhi–

  • 6 weeks summer training plan –it covers the blueprints of CiscoCCNA R&S certification.
  • 2 month summer training course – it covers the blueprints of CiscoCCNA R&Scertificationas well as conceptsnetwork Security.
  • 6 months industrial training program – it covers the blueprints of CCNA R&S andCCNP R&S course certification.

Thus, you can easily select the training plan which suits your requirements.

  1. Guidance of Dual and triple CCIE certified trainers

Network Bulls has the biggest team of CCIE certified trainers in the world. In fact, many trainers at Network Bulls are Dual and triple CCIE certified. Thus, you get the guidance of dual and triple CCIE certified professionalswho are known to all the ins and outs of the Cisco networking industry.

They tell you about different networking certificationsand their scope in the IT industry which helps you to decide your career in the networking industry.In addition, they also guide students and help them to pave the path for their bright career.

  1. Lifetime access to our World’s biggest Cisco training labs

No matter which summer training course you are joining at Network Bulls, we give you numerouseducational facilities and lifetime access to our World’s biggest Cisco training labs is one of those facilities.

We provide lifetime access to the labs to our each and every student.Yes, even after the completion of your summer training course, you can come to Network Bulls and access our labs for refining your practical skills.

  1. Certificate of summer training – an addition to your resume

In the IT industry,you need to have hands-on practical skills for giving a kick start to your career. Thus, Network Bulls provides a certificate of summer training to all the students which validate their practical skills. The certificate of summer training is an addition to your resume and makes you competent from your fellow candidates.

  1. Complete your practical project successfully

In addition to the training on practical devices,we also help and guide our students in completing their practical project. Full assistance is provided to summer training candidatesfor completing their summer training project successfully. We have more than 100 live projects on network implementation and network Security. Below listed are few of the major summer training projects –

  • Airport Network Implementation
  • Cyber Cafe Network Implementation
  • Campus Area Network Implementation
  • LAN & WAN Implementation of MNC’s
  • Campus Network Design and Security
  • Bank Network Implementation
  • Bank Network Implementation and Security

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