Are Network Bulls Student Reviews & Complaints are Real or Fake? Know the truth!!!

Network Bulls started with 2 rooms set in 2009 and within a very short span of 7 years, it has become the World’s largest Cisco training company just because of its quality training. Currently, Network Bulls has World’s biggest Cisco training labs and a pool of CCIE certified trainers. One more thing about NB which will amaze you is that more than 15500 students have been placed by Network Bulls, Gurugram.

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We at Network Bulls provides quality training and make students employable as per the latest requirement of the industry. Our students have been selected in Cisco, Railtail, Wipro, Tech Mahindra and numerous other big corporate giants. After completing their training and getting placed in top IT companies, students share their experience in the form of video testimonials and reviews. Network Bulls real student’s reviews motivate other students to join our institute and make their careers fly.

If you search online on Google, Facebook, Youtube, or on other top review sites then you will find numerous NB student’s reviews and video testimonials. Now, you might think that whether our reviews and video testimonials are genuine or fake? So you can easily clear your doubt by following the ways listed below –

  • Check student’s profile: If you have any doubt regarding reviews or video testimonials then check student’s profile online and clear all your doubts yourself.
  • Use Facebook: Today, every student has a FB profile so if you think our reviews are fake and fraud then check the FB profile of students and know his experience about training at Network Bulls.
  • Use Google: Nowadays, nothing is hidden. You can also use Google for searching our students and can talk to them about NB’s training, learning environment and a lot more.
  • Visit NB Institute: If still, any question remains in your mind regarding our student’s reviews then you must visit our institute and meet our students, take their feedbacks to know the reality.

Hope it will help you to clear your doubts.

Now, let’s explore how Network Bulls handles student’s complaints?

Student complaints are very rare at Network Bulls because we take every single complaint very seriously and try our best to resolve it within 2 to 3 days. We have made the strong process for resolving students complaints so that students don’t face such trouble again and again.

We have a complaint box outside our classrooms for students who feel shy or not feel comfortable to speak their problems in front of the management. Anyone can drop their suggestion, complaint etc. in the complaint box and we try our best to resolve it in a very short span of time.

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We have achieved big milestones in very short period of time and achieving such milestones have become an unachievable task for other networking training institutes. Therefore, few of our competitors are trying to defame Network Bull’s name and misleading students by posting fake reviews for just increasing their revenue.

Hope, now you have a clear idea about Network Bulls reviews, testimonials.

If you still have any query or suggestion please feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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