Know why Network Bull is the best Networking training institute in India

Networking certification courses have gained immense importance in today’s technologically driven era. Millions of students and working professionals decide to pursue networking courses for building a shining career in the IT industry in quite a short span of time.

If you are planning to pursue networking training then enroll at India’s best networking training Institute – Network Bulls, Gurugram.

Don’t enroll just because we are saying so but read Networkbulls’ students feedbacks, know in detail about the institute and then take your decision.

Network Bulls is unbeatable:

Network Bulls has reached the pinnacle of success in just a short span of seven years. Network Bulls is Cisco’s premium training partner and provides beyond excellence training to students. Our competitors find it hard to compete with us as they are not able to match our high standards of training, facilities etc.

Below is the glimpse of benefits of training at NB –

  • World’s biggest Cisco training labs
  • 24*7 lab facility
  • India’s biggest team of CCIE certified trainers
  • Access to in-house workbooks, ebooks etc.
  • Back-up classes and a lot more

Glorious past replica of best training and placement process

As known to the world, Network Bulls has been honored with the multiple awards for best placement record in the industry. Now, there remains nothing to say about the glorious past of NB.

If you are amongst the one who believes the stats, then it is for you –

  • 15500+ students have been placed with top IT MNCs such as CSS Corp, British Telecom, Aricent etc.
  • Over 90% of students pass Cisco CCIE examination in the first attempt only.
  • 80% of students at Network Bulls get placed even without appearing for Cisco CCIE examination.

Check with Network Bulls’ students and ex-students feedback

Students are the best mirror of any networking training institute. Thus, in order to be sure about your decision search the web for Networkbulls’ student feedbacks. You will get hundreds ofNetworkbulls’ student feedbacks, reviews, and video testimonials.

After giving a kick to the career, students leave their footprints in the form of feedback, reviews, and video testimonials.  If you still have any doubt then you can visit Network Bulls and get Networkbulls’ student feedback directly from the students studying. In addition, you can also connect to students on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter etc. for real and genuine Networkbulls’ student feedbacks

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Are you worried about the fake complaints on the internet?

Well, some of you may claim that you have come across few complaints against this institute. You can rest assured that these complaints are fake and fraud. These are Networkbulls fake complaints are circulated by competitors who are not able to match the high standards of training at NB. These complaints are written with the aim to defame the reputation of best networking institute in India. If you analyze these fake complaint and reviews properly then you will come to know that these are not written by students. These are SEO friendly which is written by professionals with the sole motive of defaming the reputation of NB.

Hope, now you know the truth behind Networkbulls fake complaints. If there still persist any doubt, visit NB and talk to students directly.

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