Reviews and Complaints about Network Bulls Labs, Trainers, Placement, etc.

If you search about Network Bulls’ reviews on Google or any other social platforms then you will find thousands of genuine reviews speaking out quality training at NB.

Social Networking sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc are full with positive Network Bulls reviews.

Network Bulls realistic and innovative training has reached to almost every city in India as their students come to NB, complete their training and job placement. After completing their Cisco certification courses training in either R&S or Security track, they share their reviews and video testimonials online.

Not only Indian students but students from more than 40+ countries join Network Bulls and achieve their career goals.

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Today we are here to share some of our placed students reviews with you.

Have a glimpse to Network Bulls students reviews and complaints about NB’ labs, trainers, placement, and etc..

Otim Benjamin Munguriek || Cisco CCNA CCNP R&S combo course training

Listen to the words of Mr. Otim, who came to Network Bulls, Gurugram from Uganda for Cisco CCNA and CCNP R&S Certification Course Training. He shares his Reviews on Network Bulls trainers and some of the world class facilities provided to him and his fellow friends during his Cisco training.

Listen to his testimonial and find whether he had any complaints about Network Bulls trainers and labs or not.

Check Otim’s course-

Check out Otim testimonial here –

Satyajeet || CCIE R&S V5 Integrated course training || Airtel

Meet Satyajeet from Odisha and discover how his CCIE R&S training was at Network Bulls. He is now working at Airtel as a Network Engineer and he gives his job placement credit to the dedicated placement cell of Network Bulls. 100’s of students join the 100% job guarantee course at NB and find a job for themselves with the help of our placement cell.

Check Satyajeet’s course-

Find more about Network Bulls placement cell, by listening to Satyajeet here –

Shubham || CCIE Security V5 Integrated Course Training || IOPEX

Shubham from Delhi joined Network Bulls among other training institutes in Delhi/ NCR or all over India because he fell in love with NB’s well-equipped labs.

He shares this in his testimonial that after visiting Network Bulls’ labs he had a feeling that no other place can make him a Network Engineer except NB. when he faced any issue in NB labs after joining he used to write complaints and drop those complaints in the complaints box. The Network Bulls team take complaints by students very seriously and try to find a sustainable solution within 1-3 days. Our labs are a medium to find success for Shubham and we are glad that he succeeds.

Check Shubham’s course-

Check out Shubham testimonial here –

It’s true that Network Bulls has placed complaints box for students and NB takes each complaint very seriously and tries to solve complaints within 1 to 3 working days.

We hope all these reviews by our students left you with no doubts and puts an end to all the fake and fraud complaints. If you still have some doubts or complaints about Network Bulls then kindly connect us on our toll-free number – 1800-313-2545.

Should we believe the fake and negative reviews on Network Bulls? Know more!

Be it any College, University, Institute or Organization, you will definitely face or come across people who speak ill of them. But should we actually believe these statements and comments? Well, in that case, your analytical skill will work.

It is obvious that different people will have different perceptions but when it comes to consumption of product or usage of service the customer will have same review i.e either it will be GOOD or BAD! The percentage of each will be directly proportional to the quality of service/product delivered by the organization. Similarly with Network Bulls!

When you will go through different review meters (Google or Social Media) of Network Bulls you will find few fake/fraud comments too. Which could be totally against the training quality provided here.

Well, now you will doubt that how can we claim that those negative comments are actually fake?

In this case, you can go through all the testimonials which will be directly in the words of students who have studied here. If that doesn’t convince you still then you can visit the institute located in sector 14 of Gurugram for we believe, Action Speaks Louder Than Words !

CCIE Expert Teachers, Well Equipped Classrooms, Academic and Moral Support, Personality Development, Quality Study Material, LAB with LATEST CISCO DEVICES, Round the clock accessibility in the institute and Placement Support is what all you get here. Not only this if you face any problem you can discuss and that complaint will be resolved within three working days!

So if all the complaints are getting resolved within the institute then why will any one post fake complaints against NB? The most obvious reason is to create the NEGATIVE IMAGE in PUBLIC.

So if we list down all the extraordinary features of NETWORK BULLS the they will get summarized as mentioned below:

  1.    7 Years of Training excellence
  2.    World’s Largest Cisco Training Labs
  3.    Latest Cisco devices
  4.    24×7 Lab Facility
  5.    Well Equipped & Smart Classrooms
  6.    Classrooms equipped with Real Cisco devices
  7.    Innovative Training Methodologies
  8.    Personality Development Sessions
  9.    Silent Study/Group discussion zone
  10.   Biggest Pool of CCIE Certified Expert
  11.   Dedicated Lab instructor for every track
  12.   Outstanding Placement Record Since 2009
  13.   In-House Practical Workbooks
  14.   Intensive Training – Model

Since 2009 Network Bulls is trying to provide quality training so that NB 90% students are able to clear world’s toughest exam in 1st attempt.

Which in very short span of time Network Bulls have won more than 14 awards. Get full details here-

So when you will find Network Bulls Complaint in a review then get assured that it could be from a  fake id. Many times our competitors create a mass number of fraud ids to deteriorate our image in public. They create ids with the name of students and write Network Bulls Complaints in review boxes wherever possible. This is how our ratings decline.

This blog has been specially created for students who often get misguided by fraud / fake complaints. We want to assure you that this institute has been solely created for the upliftment and career growth of students who aspire to build their career in Networking!

Watch Network Bulls students video testimonials-

You are always welcome to our institute to make your visions clear. We are Happy to help!
Network Bulls best thing is, you get 100 % JOB GUARANTEE with two prestigious courses like CCIE R&S Integrated and CCIE Security Integratedcourse which you will find NOWHERE ! 

Know why Network Bull is the best Networking training institute in India

Networking certification courses have gained immense importance in today’s technologically driven era. Millions of students and working professionals decide to pursue networking courses for building a shining career in the IT industry in quite a short span of time.

If you are planning to pursue networking training then enroll at India’s best networking training Institute – Network Bulls, Gurugram.

Don’t enroll just because we are saying so but read Networkbulls’ students feedbacks, know in detail about the institute and then take your decision.

Network Bulls is unbeatable:

Network Bulls has reached the pinnacle of success in just a short span of seven years. Network Bulls is Cisco’s premium training partner and provides beyond excellence training to students. Our competitors find it hard to compete with us as they are not able to match our high standards of training, facilities etc.

Below is the glimpse of benefits of training at NB –

  • World’s biggest Cisco training labs
  • 24*7 lab facility
  • India’s biggest team of CCIE certified trainers
  • Access to in-house workbooks, ebooks etc.
  • Back-up classes and a lot more

Glorious past replica of best training and placement process

As known to the world, Network Bulls has been honored with the multiple awards for best placement record in the industry. Now, there remains nothing to say about the glorious past of NB.

If you are amongst the one who believes the stats, then it is for you –

  • 15500+ students have been placed with top IT MNCs such as CSS Corp, British Telecom, Aricent etc.
  • Over 90% of students pass Cisco CCIE examination in the first attempt only.
  • 80% of students at Network Bulls get placed even without appearing for Cisco CCIE examination.

Check with Network Bulls’ students and ex-students feedback

Students are the best mirror of any networking training institute. Thus, in order to be sure about your decision search the web for Networkbulls’ student feedbacks. You will get hundreds ofNetworkbulls’ student feedbacks, reviews, and video testimonials.

After giving a kick to the career, students leave their footprints in the form of feedback, reviews, and video testimonials.  If you still have any doubt then you can visit Network Bulls and get Networkbulls’ student feedback directly from the students studying. In addition, you can also connect to students on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter etc. for real and genuine Networkbulls’ student feedbacks

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Are you worried about the fake complaints on the internet?

Well, some of you may claim that you have come across few complaints against this institute. You can rest assured that these complaints are fake and fraud. These are Networkbulls fake complaints are circulated by competitors who are not able to match the high standards of training at NB. These complaints are written with the aim to defame the reputation of best networking institute in India. If you analyze these fake complaint and reviews properly then you will come to know that these are not written by students. These are SEO friendly which is written by professionals with the sole motive of defaming the reputation of NB.

Hope, now you know the truth behind Networkbulls fake complaints. If there still persist any doubt, visit NB and talk to students directly.

Are Network Bulls Student Reviews & Complaints are Real or Fake? Know the truth!!!

Network Bulls started with 2 rooms set in 2009 and within a very short span of 7 years, it has become the World’s largest Cisco training company just because of its quality training. Currently, Network Bulls has World’s biggest Cisco training labs and a pool of CCIE certified trainers. One more thing about NB which will amaze you is that more than 15500 students have been placed by Network Bulls, Gurugram.

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We at Network Bulls provides quality training and make students employable as per the latest requirement of the industry. Our students have been selected in Cisco, Railtail, Wipro, Tech Mahindra and numerous other big corporate giants. After completing their training and getting placed in top IT companies, students share their experience in the form of video testimonials and reviews. Network Bulls real student’s reviews motivate other students to join our institute and make their careers fly.

If you search online on Google, Facebook, Youtube, or on other top review sites then you will find numerous NB student’s reviews and video testimonials. Now, you might think that whether our reviews and video testimonials are genuine or fake? So you can easily clear your doubt by following the ways listed below –

  • Check student’s profile: If you have any doubt regarding reviews or video testimonials then check student’s profile online and clear all your doubts yourself.
  • Use Facebook: Today, every student has a FB profile so if you think our reviews are fake and fraud then check the FB profile of students and know his experience about training at Network Bulls.
  • Use Google: Nowadays, nothing is hidden. You can also use Google for searching our students and can talk to them about NB’s training, learning environment and a lot more.
  • Visit NB Institute: If still, any question remains in your mind regarding our student’s reviews then you must visit our institute and meet our students, take their feedbacks to know the reality.

Hope it will help you to clear your doubts.

Now, let’s explore how Network Bulls handles student’s complaints?

Student complaints are very rare at Network Bulls because we take every single complaint very seriously and try our best to resolve it within 2 to 3 days. We have made the strong process for resolving students complaints so that students don’t face such trouble again and again.

We have a complaint box outside our classrooms for students who feel shy or not feel comfortable to speak their problems in front of the management. Anyone can drop their suggestion, complaint etc. in the complaint box and we try our best to resolve it in a very short span of time.

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We have achieved big milestones in very short period of time and achieving such milestones have become an unachievable task for other networking training institutes. Therefore, few of our competitors are trying to defame Network Bull’s name and misleading students by posting fake reviews for just increasing their revenue.

Hope, now you have a clear idea about Network Bulls reviews, testimonials.

If you still have any query or suggestion please feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

Student’s Complaints about Network Bulls Training and Job Guarantee – Real or Fake! Know the Reality

Hundreds of students from different parts of India as well as the world travel to Gurugram for enrolling at Network Bulls and building their career in the field of networking. Network Bulls has become the synonym of success for millions Cisco aspirants. Network Bulls has set numerous unbeatable records in just a short span of 7 years. Have a look at few of our achievements –

  • 90% CCIE Success rate for consecutively two years.
  • 80% students placed even before appearing for Cisco CCIE examination.
  • 25% students placed with corporate giants such as
  • Honored with more than 13 awards for beyond excellence training and placements.

Our competitors find it hard to meet our excellent training and beat our records. Thus, make use of various cheap tricks for defaming our reputation and gaining business.

Awarded for high placements consecutively for 3 years

Network Bulls has recently been honored “India’s No.1 Cisco Training CompanyWith Best Placement Record In 2016” in 7th Asia Education Summit & Awards 2017. This is the third time when Network Bulls have been awarded for high placements. In 2015, Network Bulls was awarded Most Promising Cisco & Microsoft Training Company With Proven Placement Record 2015 and in 2014, Network Bulls received Best Network Security Training Institute With Proven Placement Record In Networking Industry Of The Year, 2014

Awards are the testament of out of the box performance and it cannot be fake. Our awards speak louder than the fake complaints against our 100% job guarantee program. Watch the reviews of our hundreds of happily placed students

Student’s complaints resolved within three working days

At Network Bulls, we allow our students to raise their voice and make complaints. Every student atNetwork Bulls has the right to make the complaint regarding the issue they are facing here whether it is regarding training, trainers or anything else. They can visit the help desk and can easily share their issue.

We understand that students do face some issues during their training, thus we welcome their complaints and aim at providing them with the perfect solution. The complaint of students is resolved within the three working days. If due to any reason, the complaint is not resolved within the three working days, then students have the right to drop an e-mail to Mr. Vikas Kumar – Co-founder and MD at Network Bulls.

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Hundreds of students achieved success after getting trained at Network Bulls

There is a long list of students who have achieved the milestone of their career after getting trained at Network Bulls. More than 14750 students have been placed with Corporate Giantssuch as Cisco, CSS Corp, British Telecom, RailTel, Velocis, Wipro and a more.

In addition, hundreds of students have achieved the status of CCIE champ after getting trained at Network Bulls. 90% of students pass the Cisco CCIE examination in the first attempt only. Have a look at our CCIE Champs and know how Network Bulls helped them to achieve the biggest milestone of their life.

Network Bulls Student’s Reviews about Networking or Industrial Summer Training

Summer training is very crucial for students as it introduces them to the practical aspects of the technology. Students learn the technology theoretically in the graduation but they need to know the technology practically for working in the IT industry. Thus, summer training is made compulsory for preparing the graduates as per the requirement of the industry. Network Bulls provides IT summer training to students interested in the field of networking.

IT Summer training courses at Network Bulls

At Network Bulls, we provide different IT Summer training courses for meeting the requirement of students. Below listed are the networking summer training courses provided by Network Bulls –

  • 5 months/6weeks summer training program
  • 2 months summer training program
  • 6 months industrial training program

Every year numerous graduate students from different part of India travel to Network Bulls just for completing their networking summer training and final year project.

Let’s hear the review of students who completed their summer training at Network Bulls. First in our list is –


Meera came all the way from Gujarat for pursuing her summer training, completing her final year project as well as for building her career in the field of networking. She is currently pursuing her B-tech from Government Engineering College, Rajkot.

Meera desperately wanted to build her career in the field of networking and seeing her inclination towards networking field her trainer recommended her to join Network Bulls. Meera not only completed her summer training and final year project at Network Bulls but she also built her career in the field of networking as she enrolled in the CCIE Security integrated course. Let’s hear from Meera, How Network Bull’s summer training helped her –

Meera shares her reviews and Feedback about networking training at Network Bulls


Next in our list is Suraj, who also came from Gujarat for completing his networking summer training from Network Bulls. Suraj was pursuing his B-tech from electronics and communications and for completing his final year training and project he was searching for the best summer training institute. His search came to an end with Network Bulls.

Suraj visited Network Bulls and was too impressed to see our huge labs. Suraj enrolled at Network Bulls and completed his final year project successfully. Let’s hear Suraj’sreview and feedback about Network Bull’s summer training program–

Suraj shares his feedback and reviews about industrial summer training at Network Bulls.

Highlights of summer training program at Network Bulls

We aim at imparting the best training to students for making them an expert in the field of networking. Thus, we provide numerous educational facilities to students enrolling in summer training courses for helping them to have a shining career ahead. Few of the facilities provided to students are listed below –

  • Access to live racks and real devices in the world’s biggest Cisco training labs.
  • 24*7 lab facility
  • 100+ Major and Minor Live Projects on network security and network implementation.
  • Access to E-books, in-house practical workbooks, and Software.
  • Lifetime access to our world’s largest Cisco training labs and a lot more.

These facilities help our students to focus on learning and gain hands – on expertise in networking.

India’s No. 1 Cisco Training Company with the Best Placement Record 2016 award won by Network Bulls

Network Bulls, the name that tops all the others when it comes to the best CCNA, CCNP & CCIE training, has now bagged the title of being– ‘India’s No. 1 Cisco Training Company with the Best Placement Record 2016’.

More about the award:

The 7th Asia Education Summit & Awards 2017 was held on March 9 at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. The event was organized by Worldwide Achievers in association with their magazine partners India Today Television & Achievers India.

The event was presided over by Mr. Upendra Kushwaha (MoS HRD, Govt. of India) and Mr. Syed Shahnawaz Hussain (Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party & Former Cabinet Minister)

The award was received by Mr. Vikas Kumar (Co-founder & Director, Network Bulls), who was also accompanied by his wife Mrs. Ritu Kumar.

The whole event was telecasted on India Today TV on April 9 at 3:30PM.

What made Network Bulls achieve ‘India’s No.1 Cisco Training Company with the Best Placement Record 2016’ award?

  1. Highest CCIE 1st attempt success rate at Network Bulls

Over 90% of the students training for CCIE at Network Bulls clear it in their first attempt. This is the highest rate in India and competitors are far behind.

  1. Record Breaking Placements

The flagship programmes offered by Network Bulls – CCIE R&S Integrated, CCIE Security Integrated and Multivendor Technology Expert – come with job guarantee

Big Multi-national companies like CSS corp., IBM, British Telecom, Aricent, Orange etc. visit NB’s campus to recruit students. Some of our alumnis are presently working in foreign counties like US, USA, UAE, Australia and Canada. Their salaries range from Rs 5 Lacs to 14 Lacs in India and between 60 Lacs and 1.5 Cr per annum abroad.

  1. Largest Pool of experienced CCIE Trainers

Network Bulls has the largest pool of experienced CCIE Trainers. All the trainers have experience of over 5 years in the field of networking. We also have CCIEs with Multiple CCIE certifications.

  1. World’s Largest IT Labs

Network Bulls is famous for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and especially its labs. The labs at Network Bulls are the equipped with latest real live Cisco devices.

Network Bulls has always been known for the world-class infrastructure and Excellent Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCIE training that it provides. Having trained over 14,750 students in various Cisco courses, Network Bulls has consistently delivered record breaking placements and Highest CCIE 1st attempt success rate.

Having said that, this is however not the first time Network Bulls has had a victory. In the span of 7 years, Network Bulls has won 13+ awards conferred by various prestigious organizations.

Some of the other accolades conferred upon Network Bulls in the past are:

  • ‘Most Promising Cisco & Microsoft Training Company with Proven Placement Record 2015 – Awarded by Prime Time in the Global Business & Leadership Awards, 2015
  • ‘Excellent Placement Record in Networking Industry 2014’ – awarded by Prime Time Research
  • ‘Best Networking Security Training Institute in India, 2014 – Awarded by Prime Time Research
  • ‘Best Network Security Training Institute with Proven Placement Record in Networking Industry of the year 2014’- Awarded by Worldwide Achievers (Time Research)
  • Best Network Security Training Institute for upcoming India 2013 – awarded by Prime Time Research
  • The ‘Best Placement Record in Networking Industry 2013– awarded by Prime Time Research

To know about the best Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCIE course training in Delhi & NCR, visit our official website –